We can certainly believe in God, but without invoking science

From knowledge to faith

Published on 15.07.2022

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M.Délèze’s letter to the reader (6.7) made me think of the difficult coexistence of faith and science. I myself have done scientific articles on agricultural science that touch on the realm of life that we don’t really understand yet. I developed hypotheses that I tested in practical experiments with the support of mathematical rules.

Everything is completely logical, contrary to blind belief. On the other hand, I think I would be a dogmatist if I denied the existence of the spiritual side by the simple fact that I cannot prove it by scientific methods based on research into matter. Science is quite logical, that’s for sure, but it is necessarily limited to approaching and understanding the topic. This fact does not exclude a purely logical approach to the spiritual side.

I think, for example, that this thought itself is immaterial. I also believe that the origin of my thinking comes from my self that inhabits my physical body. I conclude that my soul is the soul of my body. Therefore, I cannot rule out the hypothesis of a cosmic mind. These ideas make sense, but they are not scientifically provable.

On the other hand, they warm my heart and give me meaning in my life. These ideas have value only to those who believe in them.

Paul Stolz,


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