From immigration to Ukraine, Donald Trump outlines his program in case of victory

From immigration to Ukraine, Donald Trump outlines his program in case of victory

The former Republican president was questioned during two interviews with the American weekly newspaper Time about his plans if he wins over Joe Biden next November.


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Donald Trump speaks to the media upon his arrival at the Criminal Court in Manhattan (USA), April 30, 2024. (GETTY IMAGES / AFP)

Abortion, immigration, diplomacy… Donald Trump outlined the program for his potential second term, in a long article published by the American weekly magazine on Tuesday, April 30. time. The former Republican president, who is nominated for the November elections before Joe Biden, was questioned during two interviews, one in person and the other by phone, about his plans if he wins in November.

The 77-year-old businessman, who is currently on trial in New York after one of several investigations against him, intervened when the journalist asked him if he would veto a federal law that severely restricts the right to “abortion.” “You don't have to use your veto, because everything is now back to the United States.”he said, referring to the 2022 Supreme Court decision, which ended federal protections for the right to abortion and returned that jurisdiction to the states.

Mass expulsions and possible use of the army

Donald Trump also stated that he would leave it open for states that want to prosecute women who had abortions after the deadline. “I don't have to be comfortable or uncomfortable.” With this perspective, the Republican candidate answered. Regarding immigration, another major topic in light of the elections, he confirmed that he would carry out mass expulsions. If the National Guard, the United States military, is not enough to compensate for his ambitions, he said he is ready to turn to the army.

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On the economic front, Donald Trump revealed that he is considering imposing tariffs “More than 10%” On all imports. The former president was also asked to clarify his position regarding aid to Ukraine: “I won't give [pas plus d’assistance] “If Europe doesn't start doing the same.” He said from the United States.

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