From Bronners From Space – Editing

From Bronners From Space – Editing


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Science Fiction Tuesday issue

Every Tuesday, find a story, interview, or photo related to a sci-fi text that makes the news. Today, eight texts of the “space operas” of the British John Brunner, including two unpublished in France, instill in a highly codified genre the themes of his great futuristic novels.

In a 2018 volume titled Black Quartet Mnemos Editions collected John Brunner’s most famous texts, including the glossy ones All in Zanzibar. These four dystopias, which survey the many dangers that threaten our fragile species, are only the most vivid and distinctive aspect of an exuberant and rich work of nearly 90 volumes. Everything is of course not on the same level, and Brunner, a situation common to many science fiction writers, even the greatest (Dick, Silverberg …), has been forced to alternate somewhat food productions with more ambitious novels.

the Space opera She was his cash cow. In the cheap kits, often right in the pocket, he signed several of them, which were sometimes notoriously sloppy and easy. We are therefore pleased to be able to judge the documents with this new titled volume planets which collects eight of them including the trilogy, Zoroastrian refugees and two that were never released, The Avengers in Carriage And Cyclops repairmen. Even if they don’t follow one another, these eight titles have a common context: the conquest of space. I’

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