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Pacific Free Trade: No to Taiwan from China

No China to “any agreement of a sovereign and official nature” between States With whom did she establish diplomatic relations? Taiwan. All this happened in the wake of the request to join Cptpp (Comprehensive and Incremental Trans-Pacific Partnership) On the part of the island, where Beijing claims its sovereignty. This was stated by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office who criticizedEuropean Union For the Indo-Pacific Report.

To register, Taiwan was placed on the nomination board (after China’s nomination) to enter into the agreement Free trading. and the president, Tsai Ing-wen, Commented on Twitter: “We are ready to accept all the rules and abide by” the CPTPP. In addition, he also requested Tokyo’s support for the island’s nomination. The request “reflects our commitment to promoting free trade in the Asia Pacific region.” Tsai Ing-wen then pointed out: “I am confident of our property adhesion This agreement will promote joint economic development and benefit the peoples of the region and the world.”

john dingThe chief negotiator from Taipei stressed: “China has obstructed Taiwan’s international presence. If it is accepted into the CPTPP before we do, there will certainly be a risk to Taiwan’s membership in the commercial block. This is a fairly obvious fact.” Regarding the Taiwanese participation, he noted that it “mainly concerns us InterestsFor the interests of our companies and for the purposes of long-term economic planning, it has nothing to do with the goals of other countries or with China’s comments.”

But what is Cptpp? This is a free trade agreement between eleven countries And so he was called After the United States left from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Tpp) under the administration headed by Donald Trump. They are part of it new ZelandAnd AustraliaAnd BruneiAnd CanadaAnd ChileAnd JapanAnd MalaysiaAnd MexicoAnd PeruAnd Singapore NS Vietnam. accession negotiations Great Britain.

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Tpp – which until last year represented the world’s largest trade alliance – has been overtaken by it Rcep (Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership) that transmits BruneiAnd CambodiaAnd IndonesiaAnd LaosAnd MalaysiaAnd MyanmarAnd philippinesAnd SingaporeAnd Thailand NS Vietnam more JapanAnd ChinaAnd South KoreaAnd Australia NS new Zeland, except for the United States. The CEP will enter into force when six countries in Southeast Asia and three of the five other countries intend to ratify the agreement.

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