Free training for 10,000 spectators in Bordeaux

Free training for 10,000 spectators in Bordeaux

Thomas Sinicki, Media365: Published on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 3:51 p.m.

Rugby fans in Bordeaux didn’t even get their money’s worth, as they didn’t have to pay anything to see New Zealand play.

This World Cup, as always, has a long running time as the competition lasts seven weeks (due to the mandatory recovery times for each team between matches), and it is also an opportunity for the teams to give time to the home crowd. The Irish have done this with sick children in hospital, among others, but there are also simpler courses open to spectators. And when it comes to the All Blacks in Bordeaux, they are clearly turning heads, especially when they are on a free! new Zeland, Exempt this week (It will be the Blues’ turn next week), they were in Toulouse on Friday to crush Namibia (71-3) and they had this session on Monday in Chaban-Delmas.

The number of spectators in the stadium was no less than 10,000Former home of the Girondins, which has been home to the Bordeaux-Bègles rugby union since 2015 (When the Girondins moved to Matmut-Atlantique). Initially, this training was planned at Moga, the former stadium of UBB… “But we quickly saw that it would be too small,” says Bijles Mayor Clement Rossignol-Bosch (for South-West). We only had 3,000 places available. People stopped me in the street to ask me about it.” Assistant coach Joe Schmidt spoke into the microphone, extolling the virtues of the city and the wine while declaring that his troops would be enjoying it for a few days. The seduction was certainly a success.

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