Free allows all Freebox subscribers to connect their friends very easily to their WiFi, here are two solutions

Free allows all Freebox subscribers to connect their friends very easily to their WiFi, here are two solutions

Did you know: Free allows all Freebox subscribers to connect their friends very easily to their WiFi, here are two solutions

New Year points the tip of his nose. Many Freebox subscribers will have guests at home, here are the different ways to easily connect them to your WiFi securely and without hassle.

You might not know it, but if you’re a Freebox Revolution, Pop, Delta, One, or mini 4K subscriber, you can scan a QR code to connect to your “guest” Wi-Fi in a simplified way, instead of having to enter your usually complicated WPA key. Extremely.

This feature can be very practical in the context of evenings with friends or weddings for example, in order to provide easy access to a Wi-Fi network, without opening the doors of its main network. Many solutions are available to you.

The Freebox Connect app is your friend

Launched in summer 2020 on Android and iOS, Freebox Connect simplifies Wi-Fi management and allows access to be shared by sending connection data or displaying a QR code to be flashed using an acoustic image sensor.

It is possible to share the main Wi-Fi, as well as guest Wi-Fi. Here are the steps to follow. At the top of the main screen there is an option “Share my WiFi access”, click on it. In the case of the main Wi-Fi network, just tap the Share button in the middle of the screen. You can then send your access by SMS, private message on Twitter, or via email. The second possibility to participate: display a QR on the screen of your smartphone, which the person will only have to flash.

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In the case of the guest Wi-Fi network, you will first have to create a custom access for it, by clicking on the red button “Create guest access”.

You will have to indicate the name of the connection (“evenings” or “holidays”, for example), the password (automatic or custom), the validity period (1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week or unlimited) Access and type of network access (unrestricted or internet only), before clicking on the “Validate” button at the top right. You will then have access to the same possibilities as for accessing the main Wi-Fi network, that is, sharing contact data (SMS, Twitter, email, etc.) or displaying a QR code on the smartphone screen.

The most experienced Freebox OS

There is another possibility to configure Guest WiFi, just go to Freebox OS area ( and go toFreebox settingsIn the “Local Network” category, click on the new icon.guest wifiYou can choose the number of devices allowed to join the network (between 1 and 128). It is possible to restrict access to the Internet only or also allow access to the local network. If the access is restricted, the person will not be able to access other network functions (FTP, Plex, etc…), and only a person who is connected to the Internet will not be able to see other devices and services of the network.

It is also possible to limit the duration of the network, from a minimum of 1 hour to unlimited. The Description field allows you to describe your network in order to easily locate it in the list of various “guest” networks in the Freebox OS interface. Finally, when you have configured everything as you wish, all you have to do is go to the TV interface of your Freebox and find the QR code that will be displayed at the top right of the screen. Then let your guests scan it to enjoy your WiFi. For Freebox Pop subscribers, nothing could be simpler: the WiFi QR code is available directly on the server screen.

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