François Sabaté devient Directeur Général d’I&S Adviser

François Sabati becomes General Manager of I&S Adviser

Veteran businessman, François Sabati, has developed know-how, particularly in the field of international growth and development of export markets for French SMEs and European investment institutions.

Coming from a family of Catalan entrepreneurs, François worked for 15 years in the family business, a record player in the wine cork closing sector, which was the European leader in the 1990s. Launched the first high-efficiency cork (today is Diam, the world’s leading brand of closure, selling over 2 billion units annually). At the same time, San Francisco regulates the opening of the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand markets. The family business took on an international dimension, before it was acquired by a division of the Rémy-Cointreau group. Before leaving the family group, François co-founded World of Wine’s first professional online content platform,, still in operation and recognized for the quality and reliability of its contents.

He then spent 8 years at the Pochet bottling plant (2004 to 2012) where he developed the US business unit.
In 2014, he took over the management of Heidrich (Alsace), which specializes in the marketing and installation of high-end outdoor joinery for individuals.

François Sabati has a wealth of experience in the operating partner business, and since 2019 has already succeeded in accompanying many small and medium-sized companies in their strategic transformations such as: transportation, structuring, commercial development or international development.

Today, François Sabati in his role as CEO will focus primarily on the commercial development of I&S Adviser, the recruitment of new operating partners, as well as the company’s operational excellence.

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Since its inception in 2016, I&S Adviser has practically supported more than 65 French business leaders in defining and managing the operations of their strategic development plans. Over the past few months, I&S Adviser has observed an increase in requests from SMEs of around 40%, all business sectors and all regions combined.

Five topics that capture the attention and energy of French managers of small and medium-sized enterprises and European investment institutions: cash management; Implementation of the rollback plans established in 2021; The evolution of international development plans with regard to supply management and the weakening of certain geographical areas due to COVID or the escalation of social tensions; Assigning and managing teams in a back-and-forth context between face-to-face and remote work; And CSR which, along with limitations, can become an opportunity to differentiate themselves and enrich their value proposition.

About I&S Adviser –
I&S Adviser has created the first French network of operational partners and seasoned entrepreneurs who practically support startup, SME or ETI founders and help them achieve their growth goals.
Based on their feedback (both their successes and failures), these “did it” commit to operational results and take risks with the business manager.
Consolidating under one brand, the working partners of I&S Adviser intervene at the request of the entrepreneur or investment fund, on 4 topics: “Business Staging”, International Development, “List Examination” and creation of digital business models.

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