France’s XV crew Aubin Hueber doesn’t understand Antoine Dupont

France’s XV crew Aubin Hueber doesn’t understand Antoine Dupont

Former scrum-half of the XV from France, Aubin Hueber captured the cross Rugby News to discuss the course the Blues took during the Six Nations Championship.

The latter did not fail to praise the French team very well.

On the other hand, he doesn’t understand why Fabien Galthé and his assistants haven’t switched to scrum-half mode.

According to him, Antoine Dupont deserved to breathe a little while Le Garrec and Couilloud could have earned playing time. extract:

“Antoine, there are still a lot of things to say to pay tribute to him… I’m not at the helm of the coaching staff, but in some games I think we could have taken Antoine out in about an hour. Italy, there was the young man Le Garrick. Well, the game was Nervous, but imagine if Antoine gets injured during a World Cup match after 20 minutes. What do we do? There’s Lucu, but the players haven’t played much. It reminds me of what the New Zealanders said after the 2007 World Cup in France.

“Now we have to plan for the unpredictable,” said the All Blacks after their 2007 quarter-final loss to France. When they lost Dan Carter to injury, they put Luke McAllister in 10th place. They were off site. And in 2011, the All Blacks planned an absence scenario for Carter. They had a real second option on hand, and maybe even a third. They are world champions with Leon MacDonald… That’s why we shouldn’t hesitate to give players like Lucu, Couilloud or Le Garrec a chance and play.”

He wonders why the Habs staff insisted on making Antoine Dupont play so much. Extracts:

“I find it harmful. And especially to the players. I don’t question staff choices, let this be clear, but as a technician for the job we can’t help but ask ourselves the question: Why? If we had a problem at some point, what would we do? Was it the Six Nations win? Important before the World Cup? What is the priority: the four Grand Slams or preparing for the World Cup to be world champion? You can also answer me that to win the World Cup it is good to have been used to winning matches before. I am convinced that playing Le Garrec or Couilloud 10-15 minutes won’t change the results Evidence: We’ve had great summer tours with the CEOs.

I hear, I listen to what the employees are saying in their place. It takes an average of over 40 picks to be world champions, specific kicking data… It’s true that it’s important to have a combined experience to be successful. But you also have to know how to predict the unpredictable.”

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