franceinfo junior.  Where does space pollution come from?

franceinfo junior. Where does space pollution come from?

This summer, Franceinfo’s budding kids are playing the role of explorers…space. To talk about sky pollution, the show invites Stephanie Lizzie Destis, Instructor-researcher at Isae-Supaero, specializing in aerospace systems design.

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Vega-C . missile The inaugural launch should go ahead on Thursday, July 7, unless there is a major weather issue. Space missions and their challenges are the dream of many children and adults. But space pollution is a little less. We talk about the topic in Franceinfo Junior With Stéphanie Lizy-Destez, Isae-Supaero Research Professor, specializing in Space Systems.

Elsa and Naim take the microphone to ask their questions: “Why is space polluted? What are the things that pollute space?” Ask the students. Naim questions the carbon footprint of manned space missions: He wants to know if astronauts are polluting space. How many liters of oil come out of a rocket in an hour? , asks Elsa very delicately, who also wonders about the consequences of pollution on the moon.

On this page, re-listen to this franceinfo junior program on space pollution.

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