Franceinfo Junior Books.  A date in space with "Phobos" and Victor Dixon

Franceinfo Junior Books. A date in space with “Phobos” and Victor Dixon

“Phobos”, by V. Dixon and E. Francesco (GLENAT Editions)

Destination Mars with Phobosby Victor Dixon. The perfect comic to read with your head in the stars this summer and photographed by the Brazilian artist Eduardo Francisco. Sci-fi, reality TV, and a beautiful love story too! That’s all in Volume 1 of PhobosAnd ephemeral journey.

We follow 12 young men, six boys, and six girls, orphans or no earthly ties, who volunteer to participate in the big, live-action reality TV game Speed ​​Dating during their journey to Mars. This is a one-way ticket, and future couples are expected to settle there for life. And even if the heroine Leonard does not believe in her, true love will already appear in space …

Initially, Phobos It is a series of five novels, a bestseller with over 150,000 copies sold, and has won numerous awards, including Prix Chimère in 2016. Today, it’s a comic strip that feels like a storyboard.

Six suitors, six suitors, six minutes to meet, eternity to love each other … they want to mark the date with a capital letter …

France Info Junior Liveris – Listen to the full PHOBOS interview with Victor Dixon (8 minutes)

Victor Dixon, the primary writer of children’s fiction, has already won the Grand Prize for fiction twice for Jack Spark case, and 2010 et al Lusty in 2014. He is also the author From cogito. expatriate for a long time, Victor Dixon He lived in Dublin, Singapore and now resides in Washington.

Victor Dixon
Victor Dixon (Samantha Rayward)

This summer, with Victor Dixon, we have something to read! Phobos Of course, but also a continuation Vampiria, a wonderful novel published by Robert Lafont editions. And listen to the facts of the junior books franceinfo on the first volume of VampiriaAnd dark courtAnd from here.

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"Court of Miracles", volume 2 of the series "vampiria " From V. I said
“La Cour des miracles”, Volume Two of the “Vampyria” series by V. Dixen (ROBERT LAFFONT Editions)

Find lots of other reading ideas to view on .’s website Kiboken. For all ages and for all tastes, no more excuses for not finding something to read!


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