France Télévisions launches a space “to be accountable to the French”

France Télévisions launches a space “to be accountable to the French”

Media – Starting Monday, via the website, viewers will be able to access various elements (speaking times of politicians, guest list, sources, etc.) related to news and public service magazines

Alexander Kara, director of media at the center, said: “Our responsibility is to inform with complete transparency, without ideological or partisan bias.” Televisions France To our colleagues from Western France This Sunday. Public service “belongs to everyone, and it is natural to be accountable to the French!” “, he added.

For this reason, France Télévisions will launch on Monday a space dedicated to the transparency of television news and magazines on the website. Politicians' speaking time, guest list, sources… Thus it will be possible to access a lot of data.

From news 20 hours This is Monday France 2A QR code will appear in each edition of the group's channels so that viewers can find themselves directly on this new page.

Respect pluralism and parity

In addition, the position of digital moderator “should appear in a few weeks” in order to “respond more accurately to those who question us on social networks,” said Alexander Kara.

“We will also soon be putting our guest list online,” he announced. And from(…) Read more in 20 minutes

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