France Services space created in Chalais using MSA

France Services space created in Chalais using MSA

But it was this pooling between the community and the subscribers that made this project possible. For the MSA and its president, Patrick Quillod, this is an opportunity to assert its presence in the territories, especially since the merger between the two Charente administrations. “Let’s not forget that the MSA fulfills the agricultural world the role of CAF for CPAM or even that of Carsat”, Adds its director Edgard Klorek.

Reception points are less than fifteen minutes away

In the Lavalette-Tude-Dronne commune, this network has become necessary: “Our wish is that there should be a space for the French services less than fifteen minutes from his home.”, says Jean-Yves Ambo. This is currently the case if we include the Villebois counter which is currently a branch of Montmoreau but should be named in a new building by the end of the year.

Each space serves as a counter for at least nine public services (CPAM, Café, Carsat, MSA, ANTS, Justice, Tax/Finance, but also Pôle emploi or La Poste depending on the location). “It is the new gateway to services in the regions, much better than a governorate and two sub-provinces”, Confirms Natalie Valeix, the county’s general secretary who came to inaugurate the site on Wednesday. For elected officials and especially residents, it is their duty to do so against misfortune (the closing of many public services such as treasuries).

In this South-Charente network, the Chalais network is well located right in front of the old station where the CDC (in collusion with SNCF) is conceiving a third place arrangement and this summer the Tourist du Sud. – Charente will set up a branch there in the summer. Moreover, the Chalais space, other than the basic missions, also sells tickets for SNCF “And we offer digital mediation, for example to help residents install the ‘Tous anti Covid’ app on their phones,” Says Sylvie Rochon, one of the advisors. Evidence that these spaces are also knives for the Swiss Army for the rural public services.

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All CDC Lavalette-Tude-Dronne spaces made it possible to perform 7,813 actions in 2021 representing 5,500 users received. It should be noted that the initial steps for issuing ID cards or gray cards are among the most common applications, followed by the tax administration or health insurance.

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