France-New Zealand: glaucoma still dominates black fern (29-7)

France-New Zealand: glaucoma still dominates black fern (29-7)

Les Bleues du rugby team showed the way to their male counterparts. after a week After crushing the New Zealanders in Bo (38-13)The French again dominated (29-7) the Black Ferns on Saturday afternoon at Stade Pierre Fabre in Castres (12,500 spectators). An important success in light of next year’s World Cup where Anik Herod’s players will be looking to win the title.

What to remember

No need to discuss it for hours: In rugby, physically pushing your opponent generally ensures you get out of it not so badly in a meeting. Still superior to the conquest, the Blues enforced their law on black ferns in the wake of a royal package. Best clarification? This is the start of the match where Annick Hayraud’s players used a touch and then Scum to cross the line by Suchat (fourth) and Castell (twelfth). Shortly before the break, the tricolor took advantage of a fresh touch to break New Zealand, cut back to 14 steps for attempting to break the hit, and earning a penalty attempt (40+3).

But everything was not perfect in the first chapter. Blame it on some folly, with this striker from Chloé Jacquet annihilating a great job (26) and approx. Another downside, this test was performed in the only attack of black ferns (ranked 38), following a major breakthrough by Portia Woodman.

This will be the last big chance for players from the Southern Hemisphere, the world champions in 2017. More consistent in defense than it was a week ago at Béarn, Black Fern limited damage by not scoring during their numerical decline, only cracking one last time, In a trip in the goal of Marie O’Reilly Castle (56), for a double from the wing. Serious to the end and dominating the match, the Blues were very reassuring Less than a year from the World Cup that will take them to New Zealand.

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Player: Agatha Suchat, Shock Whore

She had already crossed the line in Bao a week ago. Stade Bordelais took it back to Castres, and scored her team’s first attempt hard. Agatha Suchat dominated like a tricolor group of attackers, spending herself without counting, as much in melee, as in attack as in defensive missions. Simply impressive.

Photo: blue penalty attempt

The best illustration of the physical effect of the three colors of the forward on the black fern. The game stops the first half, touch five meters from the blue line. Les Bleues wants to form a raid. Exhausted by a stifling first period, second-grade Maya Ross immediately threw himself on the ground to break through and attempt to disrupt the French advance. Attempt a logical penalty and a yellow card.

France and New Zealand: 7–29

Half time: 21-7

France: four attempts (Sochat 4th, Castel 12th, 56th, 40th + 3 penalty); Two turns (Drouin 4, 12), a penalty kick (Drouin 73)

New Zealand: Bid (Simon 38), Turn (Cocksedge 38). Temporary expulsion from Ross (40 + 3)

France: Jacquet – Banet, Filopon, Vernier, Castel (Bulard, 69) – (o) Drouin (Peyronnet, 74), (m) Bourdon (Sansus, 51) – R.Ménager (Annery, 78), Gros (N’Diaye, 51), Hermit (hat) – Forlani, Ferrer – Dechaes (Brosso, 76), Schatt (Thomas, 74), Lindelof (Guyaux, 41).

New Zealand: Robins-Reti – Woodman, Haley, Hohepa (Wickliffe, 69), Fluhler – (o) Brazier (Demant, 68), (m) Cocksedge (Bayler, 69 – Mikaele Tu’u, Simon (Bremmer, 69), Elder ( Reynolds, 69 (hat) – Ross, Blackwell-Nelson (base, 41), Nagata Iringamat (Bonsupi, 47th place), Love (Itono, 69th place).

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