France and South Africa: 5 officially recognized refereeing errors: here are the most important ones

France and South Africa: 5 officially recognized refereeing errors: here are the most important ones

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World Rugby has identified five errors made by referee Ben O’Keefe during the 2023 World Cup quarter-final between France and South Africa. (© Aikon Sport)

2023 Rugby World Cup quarter-final between France And South Africa (28-29) It continues to be talked about. After the exclusion of France XV and the criticism surrounding the arbitration… World Rugby It has been identified Five errors The referee committed it Ben O’Keefe. Information he disclosed Olympic middayin its issue dated October 20.

Five errors from referee Ben O’Keefe

World Rugby moderators have looked into the meeting between Fabien Galthie’s men and the Springboks. After re-watching and analyzing the quarter-final match, they decided Three decisions of New Zealand rule In favor of the XV of France And two others prefer the blues.

First on 17H Minute, there Serious clearance In a quarrel Peter Steve du Toit. The South African winger thrust his shoulder forward, striking Jonathan Dante in the face. According to World Rugby representatives, the action was supposed to result in a yellow card For No. 7 of the Springboks.

Cheslyn Colby is wrong

At a time transformation From the second French attempt (22H minute), his shot was blocked by Thomas Ramos Cheslyn Colby. After reviewing the footage, World Rugby’s stewards decided that the South African winger had left his goal line too early. Should be a French kicker Retry this transformation.

Finally, Ben O’Keefe awarded A Decisive penalty kick For South Africa 68H minute. A try from Handre Pollard allowed the Springboks to lead by four points (25-29). But World Rugby considers Kwagga Smith’s scratch on Cameron Woki to have not been carried out legally. The penalty kick should have gone to the 15th of France.

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Two fouls in favor of the fifteenth for France

As indicated by the International Federation Two deficiencies of New Zealand rule Unfavorable for South Africa. Damien Benaud had executed a Uncontrolled processing Ali Ibn Etzbeth (9H minute). The France national team winger should have been punished with a yellow card.

Then in 78H Minute, second line Cameron Walkie He would have obstructed any action despite himself while Racingman was present In an offside position. A penalty kick for the Springboks should have been awarded 22 meters from the French XV.

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So, with all these decisions, will Antoine Dupont and his teammates still participate in the 2023 World Cup? We will never know. What is certain is that the ruling Ben O’Keefe It will be on the whistle Semi-finals between South Africa and EnglandThis will be on Saturday, October 21, at 9 pm at the Stade de France.

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