France and New Zealand: "Unprecedented in French rugby history", Abdellatif Benazi rejoices

France and New Zealand: “Unprecedented in French rugby history”, Abdellatif Benazi rejoices

“40 points pass to the All Blacks, what a party! Abdellatif Benazi was still beaming when he picked up his phone shortly after the final whistle. Like the whole of France in rugby, the former second line and former captain (pick 78) shook in front of Brilliant success (40-25) for the Blues over New Zealand. We hope to see them sustainably serialize shows like this.

How do you analyze the victory of the blues?

Abdellatif Benazi. It is a reference match for this team. Everyone said she was playing really well, but a very big night was missing, and that was D-Day. By beating the Blacks like these two World Cups at home, you make an impression. We could say New Zealand was already stronger and we take it at the end of the Tour, but the All Blacks are still the best, and it’s not a trifle to spend the first period in their camp. He was unheard of in French rugby history with such success by fifteen points. There, the Blues set the date for the World Cup in 2023.

What made France’s fifteenth team win this match?

The consistency between the attackers and the three quarters, our ability to improve our balls and be patient. I really loved sharing our defense. The future is full of promises for this team. Now, the World Cup is not tomorrow, there will be other big teams and we will have to prepare well for a competition where everyone is ready. This performance should not be just an achievement, but an exceptional foundation for the employees.

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France had a great recovery from Netamak within an hour when they were having a hard time…

it was amazing. I thought they would make another attempt from the other side of the world, as they did in 1994. What stands out in this procedure is the instinct and technical quality of our players as well as the freedom they have that allows them such actions to begin.

Were you afraid for the Blues when they took three tries at the start of the second half?

It was a logical drop in speed considering the energy expenditure in the first period. The main thing is that we managed to raise the bar. We did not feel that this team doubted him.

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