Fragmented and highly fenced public space in Marseille

Fragmented and highly fenced public space in Marseille

To generalize studies on the seclusion of the wealthiest inhabitants of Marseille, this is what the exhibitions “Marseille Privatopia, Enclosed Spaces and Crowded City” offer.

Elisabeth Durer, geographer, educator and researcher at Aix-Marseille University, has studied and illustrated with several researchers the growing influence of ” Safe gated housing Since 2007.

Marseille is the only city in France where such comprehensive studies have been conducted on this issue. ”, she explained. From March 4 to April 23, the Maison de l’architecture et de la ville Paca hosts various maps, photos and interpretations of this important phenomenon in the city of Marseille.

urban fractures

We present the history of these dwellings and why they appeared. We explain with very specific segments like Coin Joli where kids are forced to stick around these packs to go to school In parallel, from March 5 to April 2, the 6-8 City Council received paintings produced by artist Anke Doberauer on site, illustrating the fissures in the “beautiful regions” of Marseille. Another way to understand and understand this reality that It has grown in 25 years.” The 6-8 town hall is located in an old neighborhood that has become a public space. To hold this exhibition in this institution is very symbolic Says the researcher teacher.

These weeks of the exhibition will be punctuated by joint conferences and discussions with Brazilian researchers. ” Marseille is a particularly dual city between a center collapsing, leaving the middle classes and suburbs closing in. This development model can Reminiscent of Latin America Elizabeth Durer concludes.

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