Fourth person accused of murder over the death of Christchurch man Ken Wyman

Fourth person accused of murder over the death of Christchurch man Ken Wyman

Christchurch man Ken Alan Wyman, 46, died on Friday. The attached photo

A fourth person was arrested and charged with first degree murder after the death of Christchurch man Ken Wyman.

Police today have arrested a 31-year-old man who is scheduled to appear in Christchurch County Courthouse tomorrow.

A police spokeswoman said an investigation was continuing to see if other people were involved.

Meanwhile, two people were brought before the Christchurch County Courthouse yesterday for the murder of Wayman in association with “unknown persons”.

The couple, a 24-year-old man and woman, appeared in court separately and were granted temporary name revocation.

The 24-year-old accused was identified by being charged as a farm worker. The woman from Christchurch.

A third person, aged 41, was arrested and charged with premeditated murder yesterday.

He was arrested in Southland and is due to appear in Invercargill County Courthouse on Monday.

Police said yesterday that investigations of the scene of the accident are continuing at two addresses, and police investigations are continuing.

It was revealed earlier in the week that police had raided the headquarters of a gang in connection with the death.

Late Friday morning, several officers were seen outside the Christchurch Hospital emergency department on Riccarton Street.

They were supervising a white Mercedes without license plates.

Members of the crowd walked by the car while a tow truck picked up the car and took it away.

Police confirmed that Wayman fell in the hospital with serious injuries and died at a later time.

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