Fourteenth place.  Stade Toulouse dominate Lyon with their jersey and return to the podium.  sports

Fourteenth place. Stade Toulouse dominate Lyon with their jersey and return to the podium. sports

The Stade Toulouse welcomed Lyon at the end of the 21st day of the 14th Premier League. It was not decided after long, but this shock was in favor of Stade Toulouse (27-19), which made the difference thanks to its French internationals at the end of the match. Precious success that allows Toulouse to climb to the podium.

However, Toulouse was not a very good dynamic in the top 14. Haut-Garonnais remained in five defeats In the last seven games. After their huge success against Montpellier (35-10), they had to continue moving up the rankings. Toulouse quickly increased their intensity, scoring two attempts in ten minutes by Arnold (3′) opportunistically on a counter-kick and then Mofaka (9′). After that, the match was balanced and LOU got back on track. If the Lyonnais saw their captain Lambey’s attempt, which was rejected in the video due to an over-shoot (19 min), they were kept in touch thanks to the claw of their New Zealand striker Somoaga.

Once again, the Blues of Stade Toulousain made the gunpowder speak

But in the second half, LOU increased the pressure. And it is right that he was rewarded with the test of Baptiste Queloud, who outperformed Toulouse’s defense on the left wing (17-19). At this time, Ugo Mola decided to return his tricolor players After winning during the Six Nations Championship. They made the difference in 73rd place.

Advancing defensively and offensively, Julian Marchand broke the Lyon defense line with rhythm. Dupont raised the ball, and Flament fired before Thomas found Ramos who flattened to the delight of the Toulouse crowd, who is in great numbers at Ernst Wallon. Almost 100% test for the France team that allowed Toulouse to win (27-19). The regret left LOU, who missed a defensive bonus on the gong after a missed penalty kick from Sopoaga (79′), the 12-point lead anyway. Thanks to this victory, Stade Toulouse returned to the podium in the top 14 (3rd place with 57 points). Lyonnais stopped (6th with 54 points).

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