Four years after iOS, Google Maps is adding this functionality to Android

Four years after iOS, Google Maps is adding this functionality to Android

Google doesn’t seem to be in a rush to bring this functionality to the Android version of its Maps app. However, iPhone users have had it for a long time.

Sick Android users Google Maps He could be rewarded soon. In fact, the company finally decided to merge Weather report directly on its navigation app. This is what it should look like.

Google Maps rain and shine on Android

Google Maps is one of the most popular and useful apps in the world, and it’s constantly getting better. According to the channel Google News Telegram, the latest Android update will bring a very practical feature: the ability to see the weather and air quality in any region of the world. It is enough to plan your trips according to weather conditions, and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Source: Google News on Telegram

This new option is found in the QPR1 Beta 2 build of Android 14. Weather information will appear as an icon below the carousel that currently suggests restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc.

Once you click on it, a new window opens, displaying the current temperature in the area, the forecast for the next few hours, as well as the air quality. The weather addition should be gradually rolled out to Android devices. This isn’t the first time Google has tried putting weather on its maps, but the integration here seems more readable.

Weather interface for Google Pixel app
The new Material You weather interface on the Google application (Pixel smartphones).

A new feature that mimics the new “Material You” interface found in the Google app and being rolled out to Pixel smartphones. It is also possible to add a shortcut to your home screen by tapping on the three small dots to the right of “Weather/Today”. Then click “Add to Home Screen” and that’s it.

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After favoring the iOS version of Maps for a long time, Google could finally decide to let users of its operating system take advantage of the latest software developments in due course.

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