Four people, including two children, are missing in the Nova Scotia flood

Four people, including two children, are missing in the Nova Scotia flood

Streets and houses were flooded, even displaced by waves, roads were cut off… The torrential rain which, since the evening of Friday, July 21, has afflicted Nova Scotia, Canada, has caused much damage. Canadian police said that four people, including two children, went missing on Saturday in this eastern Canadian province.

The two children were traveling in a submerged car from which three other passengers managed to escape, according to an RCMP spokesperson. A search was on to find them.

The spokeswoman added that two other people went missing in similar circumstances. Two occupants of this second vehicle were rescued. Nova Scotia was already being hit hard at the end of May by wildfires that also devastated the forests of several other Canadian provinces.

Provincial premier Tim Houston confirmed at the time of the press conference that in less than 24 hours Nova Scotia had received about 250mm of rain, the equivalent of three months of rain. Mr. Houston declared a state of emergency in several areas of the county and called on residents not to join the tracing due to ‘Conditions remain dangerous’. He estimated that it would take several days for the waters to recede.

Halifax floods, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 22, 2023.

Avenues have turned into torrents

Pictures from television or social networks showed roads or roads that turned into torrents, sometimes into real rivers, and many abandoned cars.

Residents of the Windsor area, about sixty kilometers northwest of Halifax, the provincial capital, received an evacuation order from Friday night to Saturday due to the danger of a dam collapse. But the working valves can be opened on Saturday morning to reduce the pressure. current situation ” On probation “ According to Windsor Mayor Abraham Zebian, the eviction order has been rescinded.

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An abandoned car in the parking lot of a shopping center in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, eastern Canada, July 22, 2023.

In an afternoon update, Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services announced that heavy rain is still expected through the end of the day in the eastern part of the province, particularly in the Cape Breton area.

Environment Canada notes that rain “Tropical in nature it had a big impact in parts of the county” Precipitation has been reported 25 mm per hour in some areas affected by the floods..

County residents have been told to stay home because many roads are impassable. About 70,000 Nova Scotia Power customers lost power early Saturday morning, but the number was down to 6,000 by afternoon.

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