Quatre joueurs du CAB appelés avec la sélection fidjienne pour affronter la Nouvelle-Zélande

Four CAB players called up for the Fiji team to face New Zealand

Historical tour. This is what Fiji is preparing to experience when they face the All Blacks at home on July 10 and 17. In Dunedin and Hamilton.

And for this great experience, coach Vern Cotter decided to call up four CAB players from a list of 33 names, but also two recent graduates: Mesake Doge and Rico Buliruarua.

A great first for Benny Narcia

Thus second-grade summer rookie Tivita Ratova was retained as third-grader Korezen Kition Kamikamika and back Setariki Toikovo.

The big and good news about the prostitute Benny Narcia, who has been called for the first time. Anything but a surprise at last in light of his season.

In fact, the four CAB players will miss a large part of the summer preparations beginning on July 5th.

Benjamin Bomer

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