Forza Motorsport: Ray Tracing in-game confirmation and weather at each circuit |  Xbox One

Forza Motorsport: Ray Tracing in-game confirmation and weather at each circuit | Xbox One

Good news for the new Forza Motorsport Since we learned today that Ray Tracing will be available mid-game, in gameplay phases, not just during reboots or in game mode.

Forza Motorsport in 4K, 60fps with ray tracing!

This is important information confirmed by Chris Isaki, Creative Director of Turn 10 at Forza Motorsport. Yes, Forza Motorsport Ray Tracing will be activated while playing the game.

We are not trying to deceive you. When you race and play the game Ray Tracing is active. I really want to be very clear about this.

Using real-time Ray Tracing during games, Turn10 wants to make the immersion even stronger. Chris Isaki also specifies that in certain cases, for example at night, the entire game scene takes full advantage of global lighting technologies (global lighting) as well as ray tracing, for a more realistic light presentation. However, this does not seem to be the case while playing the latter case.

Forza Motorsport It will be available on Xbox and PC, with Ray Tracing, day/night cycle, and different weather conditions on all tracks in the game. This is an essential step in the part of Turn10, but some details like game performance on Xbox Series S in particular still have to be known. Will Ray Tracing be offered on this console at 60fps and 1440p definition? The answer is hopefully by the launch date of the game scheduled for the spring of 2023.

Going forward, feel free to consult List of Forza Motorsport cars and download a file 10 pictures of the game In landscape or portrait format for your mobile phone.

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