Forza Motorsport 8: Free Training, Qualification, Multiplayer... New Information!  |  Xbox One

Forza Motorsport 8: Free Training, Qualification, Multiplayer… New Information! | Xbox One

While that Forza Horizon 5 He was basically in the spotlight at the last monthly Forza, which is for sure Forza Motorsport 8 It was also talked about at the end of the broadcast. Announced in 2020, the next major installment of the franchise is still low-key and doesn’t have a release date yet. Back in May, we learned that the game will introduce many new features that fans have been eagerly awaiting such as different types of rubber, stops or a more advanced physics engine.

Today, with new information that will delight motor racing fans, the title is back in center stage.

Live event with free training and qualification

Chris Isaki, Creative Director of Turn10, provided new details about Microsoft’s groundbreaking car simulation. A second gameplay test took place on August 14 with community members and multiplayer was in the spotlight in this new testing phase. If the Forza Motorsport online experience so far has mainly consisted of a series of races, it will now be possible to participate in ‘Live Events’ that will provide a more realistic approach to motor racing, particularly with the testing phases. Free and qualifications.

It is entirely designed as a weekend race, and there will be a calendar with open community events and various sessions available to players from all over the world. This is definitely good news for fans as this more authentic approach has been claimed for many years.

Improve your lap times thanks to the Corner Mastery System

Another major request from players was to provide tools to advance. So the studio is testing what it calls a “corner mastery system,” a feature available during free practice that in particular allows for more precise identification of different types of turns in order to move faster.

The guy claims that while this new system is primarily designed to help the player be faster, it also helps make the community more competitive by comparing their speed more easily with that of other players on a given segment.

Finally real endurance races?

Finally, we dealt with some information about endurance racing. They are hugely popular with the community, and will take on a whole new dimension in the upcoming Forza Motorsport. With all the new features like stopping points, tire wear and fuel consumption, it will finally be possible to take part in the real endurance events with free training and qualification phases as well.

Chris Isaki says he is very excited about the possibilities and flexibility Live Events offers: we can for example see the qualifying stages during the week and then race in the weekend. However, it will be necessary to make do with these few words because no image has been revealed.

More information about the game and the next gameplay test will be announced in the coming months, but everything indicates that we will finally get a racing game worthy of the name. Remember, a release is currently scheduled for the end of 2022 exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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