Fortnite rolls back skin age restrictions after player outrage

Fortnite rolls back skin age restrictions after player outrage

Fortnite is already backing away from controversial new age restrictions on some skins after a wave of backlash from players.

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, introduced new age restrictions and content ratings for each island in the game on November 16. The idea was to inform parents and players of the experiences each island and game mode can have, as well as allow restrictions to be set based on family preferences.

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However, this announcement came as a catch to many players who had previously purchased these skins in-game. The same announcement also revealed “ Small party » Skins will not be available on some islands, depending on age restrictions.

As a result, players found that they had spent money on in-game skins but would not be able to use them on their favorite maps, modes, and other things. This prompted many of them to request a refund for what they considered “ The worst update in gaming history “.

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In a surprising turn, Fortnite admitted its mistake and announced its intention to change its approach, after negative reactions from players.

The published message stated the following: “ Well, our idea for updated categorized themes didn’t quite hit the mark. We’re working on some new options that we hope to implement, for example… during a certain major in-game event. Follow along, we will keep you updated “.

This is a major shift from Epic Games, which previously revealed that the restriction only affected about 7% of its skins.

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These restrictions were based on the content rating of the game’s various creative islands, meaning players can no longer use certain skins in these environments.

This tweet explained: More information about today’s evaluation announcement. About 7% of Fortnite skins can only be equipped on islands rated for Teen. Over the next year, we’ll be making most of these costumes compatible across levels by automatically adjusting their appearance based on which island you want to play on “.

Weapons, such as guns and knives, were most affected, but there were major problems with consistency in applying the restrictions. For example, Michael Myers, a skin portrayal of a fictional serial killer, was unrestrained despite his violent subject matter.

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In addition to the announcement revealing that the game will be rolling back the controversial new feature, Epic Games hints that “ A major in-game event » It will arrive soon in what appears to be a way to attract players back after the negative comments they expressed.

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