Fortnite game leak reveals details of the upcoming open world mode

Fortnite game leak reveals details of the upcoming open world mode

Ludovic Quinson

It doesn't look like Fortnite is done adding new modes, as a leaker recently shared information about the open-world game mode currently in development.

Fortnite originally started out as “Save the World,” a co-op mode against hordes of monsters, before turning into a battle royale game. Fortnite's development was amazing at the time.

Season 1, Chapter 5, continues to shake up the game with three new modes: LEGO Fortnite, Festival, and Rocket Racing. Each of these modes is inspired by the greatest video game hits and adds a new dimension to the Fortnite formula.

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According to the latest leak, it seems that Epic Games' journey will not stop there, as a new open world mode is said to be in development.

A new open-world Fortnite mode? Code name “Arnold”

According to leaker Twitter/X Egypt_LeakerFortnite may soon introduce a new open-world game mode. This mode, dubbed “Arnold,” will allow players to move through different biomes, interact with NPCs, and explore dynamic locations.

If this turns out to be true, much of what was present in previous seasons should be included in this mode. Biomes will be standard areas like grasslands and deserts, locations will change over time, and friendly NPCs will sell items or provide assistance.

There will be three acts to play through, with each chapter offering new activities and experiences, and perhaps even suggesting a story in the mode.

Initial fan reactions to this leak were mixed, if not confused, with many wondering why Epic would release LEGO Fortnite and another open-world mode at the same time. “It's a bit silly to have this and LEGO Fortnite when they look identical“, he declared in particular player.

However, others responded that this could be an attempt by Epic Games to create a campaign mode. LEGO Fortnite will satisfy the desire for Minecraft, while this mode can be a lore-rich Fortnite story.

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Egypt_Leaker I finish Saying that the game files indicate that this mode will be released during this season, although this seems very unlikely.

So stay tuned for more information about Project Arnold.

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