Fortnite esports team Squeezie and Gotaga…a great choice given the state of the game

Fortnite esports team Squeezie and Gotaga…a great choice given the state of the game

Led by three stars from Twitch Game, Nice mates It intends to leave a permanent mark on the French esports scene. It went off with great fanfare last Thursday, April 13th Gutaga, Squeezy and BrookesHulk started by announcing Team Valorant. Somewhat logical, given that Riot’s game draws an ever-growing audience and its FPS status reflects the journey of the Gentle Mates founders.

The next day, the Hulk announced the Fortnite roster. And we have to admit that while Fortnite esports is at half-mast mode and the major French-speaking structures are making their appearance in Battle Royale one by one, A bold choice to say the least.

Cream of the crop in FR scale

More discreet than the ones in Valorant’s roster, the announcement of the Fortnite Gentle Mates team is still very good. Snizzy and Buddasai To launch from the Battle Bus under the Gentle Mates flag, with nikov to create content and Kitzone for training. Squeezie, Gotaga, and Brawks have provided the services of the very big names in the Fortnite FR scene.

Fortnite esports is still down

What’s the problem after such a high-profile announcement? Is that it shouldn’t change too much to lose momentum in esports Fortnite. The World Cup has not yet been announced, and it is a professional competitive circuit that attracts fewer viewers then there is still this feeling among professional players that they have been betrayed by Epic Games. Fortnite esports have revolved around loosely based, mostly all-online FNCS for several years now..

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in France, Vitality The doors of the Fortnite mogul closed permanently in December 2022. A year earlier, it was Grizi Esport that ceased its activities, having for a while been the most eloquent FR structure in Fortnite.

It remains to be seen where he can take it Nice mates In such a weak Fortnite ecosystem. On the one hand, Battle Royale flirts with influencers, with plenty of skins and crossovers, but on the other hand, it unfortunately neglects its sporting side…

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