Formula E: Princely Vandoorne in Monaco

Formula E: Princely Vandoorne in Monaco

After an eventful race, Stoffel Vandoorne had the last word and the Monaco E-Prix won ahead of Mitch Evans and Jean-Eric Vergne, who ceded the Belgian to the world championship lead.

Stoffel Vandoorne scores twice in Monaco. As Formula E raced for the first time on the emirate’s historic road, the Mercedes driver made the difference and became the first to win the World Championship main event without starting from pole position. Indeed, the qualifier final winner, Mitch Evans retained the advantage in the first corner ahead of Pascal Wehrlein and Jean-Eric Vergne. The Porsche driver was adamant about playing for Jaguar but the New Zealander didn’t give up. After just over a quarter of an hour into the race, tactics are in place on a circuit where overtaking is complicated. Jean-Eric Vergne fired the ball to use the “attack mode”. Going from third to sixth, the Frenchman took advantage of the extra strength to make gains and then when Mitch Evans, Stoffel Vandoorne and Lucas de Grassi first and then Pascal Wehrlein were in second, JEV found itself at the top of the race. The task then was to defend against opponents with 17% more force for three minutes. Pascal Wehrlein discovered the error, but soon after, the German was betrayed by his Porsche, which he had to stop at the exit of the tunnel.

Vandoorne quit the game

Meanwhile, Jean-Eric Vergne launched “Attack Mode” for the second time but The timing wasn’t good since the race management neutralized the event to release the single-seat Pascal Wehrlein. During the re-launch, André Lotterer was trapped in Sainte-Dévote, shutting down a race to oblivion in favor of Weissach. This time, the safety car entered the track. Stoffel Vandoorne then took the lead in the race ahead of Mitch Evans, who again had to use “attack mode” and Jean-Eric Vergne. The Jaguar driver scrambled to get that extra power for four minutes and, after a good defense, The DS Techeetah driver had to admit defeat and determined to defend third place against Robin Frijns. The neutralizations then allowed race management to add four and a half minutes to the race. Battery management at the time was a priority for pilots and positions have not changed. Stoffel Vandoorne took his third Formula E victory ahead of Mitch Evans and Jean-Eric Vergne. A win that allows the Mercedes driver to take the championship lead by six points over the French and nine points over the New Zealander.

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Formula E / Monaco E-Prix
Final standings – Saturday 30 April 2022
1- Stoffel Vandoorne (BEL / Mercedes) at 51’12”473
2- Mitch Evans (NZL/Jaguar) at 1″ 285
3- Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA/DS Techeetah) at 3’283
4- Robin Frijns (PBS/Envision) at 3”467
5- Antonio Felix da Costa (POR / DS Techeetah) at 3’952

Drivers’ World Championship standings after 6 races (out of 15)
1- Stoffel Vandoorne (Biel / Mercedes) 81 points
2- Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA / DS Techeetah) 75
3- Mitch Evans (New Zealand / Jaguar) 72
4- Robin Frijns (PBS/Envision) 71
5- Eduardo Mortara (SUI / Venturi) 49

World Championship standings after 6 races (out of 15)
1- Mercedes 120
2- 105
3- Jaguar 94
4- Vision 87
5- Venturi 86

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