Formula 2: Red Bull suspends driver after racist comment made live on Twitch

Formula 2: Red Bull suspends driver after racist comment made live on Twitch

The snippet was quickly shared and reposted on social networks. Estonian junior Red Bull Racing driver Yuri Phipps dropped the word “nigger,” a derogatory English term for a black person, on Monday during a disputed online match for the video game Call of Duty: Warzone. With his team partner, New Zealander Liam Lawson, and broadcast live on the Twitch platform.

In the excerpt shared the next day by netizens, we clearly hear the pilot, who is involved in Formula 2 this season at subsidiary Hitech GP, using that term. “Gurry!”, taking her elsewhere in Liam Lawson’s heels before leaving in a flurry of laughter while the virtual on-screen shooting continues.

The outing was not fun for Red Bull at all. The latest was announced on Tuesday Twitter Having “suspended junior pilot Yuri Phipps from all duties with immediate effect, pending a full investigation of the incident. As an organization, we condemn any kind of abuse and have a zero-tolerance policy for racist insults or behavior that is inconsistent with our organization.”

“This language is totally unacceptable”

“I want to apologize unreservedly for the offensive language used during yesterday’s live broadcast (editor’s note: Monday) evening. This language is absolutely objectionable and does not reflect the values ​​and principles that I stand for, unfortunately for those interested on Instagram. I am deeply sorry for my actions and this is not the example that I would like to hit him. I will cooperate fully during the investigation.”

Oliver Oakes, the head of this team, responded with our colleagues from motorsports.

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During the same Twitch live stream, the Estonian also refused to allow his avatar to wear a pink hat during the match. “He’s gay!” Reply to Lawson. “Yuri, you can’t say that,” his partner replied.

Currently seventh in the Formula 2 World Championship, Jüri Vips has shouldered his shoulders with the world of Formula 1, Class 1, by taking part in the free practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix in May. But this episode risks putting an end to his ascent.

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