Formula 2 news: David Beckmann on the podium in Bahrain |  Formula 1 news

Formula 2 news: David Beckmann on the podium in Bahrain | Formula 1 news

Young racing driver David Beckmann (Hagen) made his Formula 2 podium debut.

The 20-year-old from Shahruz finished third in the first sprint race at the season opener in Bahrain on Saturday. Only Liam Lawson (New Zealand / Hitech) from Red Bull Juniors and Jehan Darovala (India / Carlin) were faster.

Results of the second race at a glance

Lerem Zindeli (Bochum / MB Motorsport) was unlucky. In his first Formula 2 race at noon, he finished ninth, and thanks to the organization of the reverse grid, he took second place on the grid for second sprint in the evening. The 21-year-old then initially defended the position, but then suffered tire damage due to a collision without a foul on his part and had to dig.

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Formula 2: Oscar Piastre wins the second sprint race on Saturday in Bahrain. (Duration: 1:44 minutes)

Zendeli came out again, but was unable to finish the race after that. Beckmann finished seventh and scored points again. on Sunday (11.50 am live on Sky) Beckmann and Zendeli start from 9th and 16th in the longest main race.

The results of the first race at a glance

Both were Trident teammates in Formula 3 last year and finished sixth and eighth in the tournament. Then they made the jump in Formula 2 and with that, Mick Schumacher succeeded. The 22-year-old won the title there last year and is now competing in Formula 1 for Haas.

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