Former Trump Vice President Mike Pence announces that he will not support the billionaire for a second term – Liberation

Former Trump Vice President Mike Pence announces that he will not support the billionaire for a second term – Liberation

The 64-year-old Republican explained that he cannot “in conscience” support the billionaire candidate for the US presidential elections in November, which raises questions about the latter's ability to unite beyond his supporters.

Strong support that will be greatly missed. Mike Pence, former US Vice President to Donald Trump, announced on Friday, March 16, that he will not support the billionaire in next November’s elections, to compete for a second term. This is enough to raise new questions about the Republican's ability to mobilize his political family. As for Donald Trump, who does not miss the slightest opportunity to criticize his former vice president, he did not immediately react.

“It won't surprise you, I will not support Donald Trump this year.” Mike Pence, 64, said during an interview with Fox News. With this announcement, the Republican caused a surprise and broke a historical tradition. To drive this point home: He added: “I cannot, in good conscience, support Donald Trump in this campaign.” Pence accused his former boss of suggesting it “It is a program that contradicts the conservative project […] Implemented for four years.

Unwavering loyalty

Mike Pence, an evangelical Christian and a fierce opponent of abortion, helped Donald Trump take on the religious right by serving as his running mate during the 2016 presidential campaign. But after years of unwavering loyalty, he changed his course after the attack on the Capitol, which shook American democracy. In 2016. January 6, 2021.

On that day, Mike Pence, as Vice President, presided over the session in Congress, during which elected officials were to certify Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election. Although he had only one ceremonial role, Donald Trump insisted that The Vice President has refused to certify the election of a Democrat. The former Indiana governor did not comply, which earned him strong enmity among the billionaire's supporters. Forced entry into the Capitol, some even called for it “Hanged” Mike Pence, who had to hide in a hurry.

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Since then, it has been ruled that the US President's words were correct “Irresponsible” And it was “Put in danger.” In June 2023, Mike Pence ran against him in the Republican primary. But he had to give up even before the first ballot was taken, due to lack of support.

Moderate votes are essential to victory

Mike Pence's announcement sent shockwaves through the party, raising speculation about the former businessman's ability to woo Republicans beyond his base of extremely loyal supporters. A few days before this statement, Nikki Haley, who was Donald Trump's last rival in the primaries, had already refused to support the Republican nomination against Joe Biden. By surrendering on March 6, the former US ambassador to the United Nations under Trump estimated that the stormy septuagenarian would have to… “Deserves the votes” The ones she got during the primaries were from more moderate voters.

Donald Trump has certainly racked up a string of victories in the race for the Republican nomination, but his success in the polls has also exposed weaknesses in the former president that could complicate his reclaiming of the White House.

Surrounded by investigations, Donald Trump could see a notable erosion in his support among moderate Republicans and independents — votes needed if he is to defeat Democratic President Joe Biden in November.

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