Former President Roch Marc Christian Kabore released

Former President Roch Marc Christian Kabore released

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The former president of Burkina Faso was able to return home on Wednesday 6 April. He has been under house arrest since January 24, the date of the military coup that ousted him from power.

With our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Bodani

In a press release issued on Wednesday evening, the government of Burkina Faso specified that this decision comes after “ Consultations started just over three weeks ago with the former president of Faso “.And if the government is assured of taking measures to ensure his safety, according to the relatives of the former president, the conditions for this release are similar to the previous ones.

A relative of former President Roche Marc Christian Kabore confirms that he is at his home, in one of his residences. We are trying to find out the terms of this release announced by the government, and our interlocutor states that only his immediate family has access to him at the moment. ” Permission is required to receive a visitor This source explains. ” Make sure he’s at home safely Says a security source without further details.

According to our information, the return of the ousted president to one of his family’s residences came as a result of consultations that lasted for several weeks. Some intervened to persuade the former president of Faso to accept the security measures proposed by the transitional government

On March 27, El Hassan Bala Sekandi, former National Assembly President and President of the Popular Movement for Progress, He was arrested After requesting his release. The day before, the Economic Community of West African States had summoned the Burkina Faso authorities to somehow release the former president.” Unconditionally and without delay “. A delegation from the Foundation was in Ouagadougou last weekend to discuss the matter with the government and the timing of the transition.

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