Former MP Dominic Grieve says Boris Johnson will "have a very difficult time staying in power"

Former MP Dominic Grieve says Boris Johnson will “have a very difficult time staying in power”

“He will have great difficulty staying in power in the coming weeks”estimated Monday 6 June on franceinfo Dominic Greve, former Conservative MP (1997-2019), former Attorney General (Chief Legal Adviser to the Government, under David Cameron) President of the Franco-British Association. Incumbent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a motion of no-confidence from his party, the Conservative Party, following the party scandal.

Boris Johnson is not supposed to lose his post on Monday. But Dominic Grieve predicts that if they keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street, Conservatives will be beaten and humiliated in the 2024 general election.”

France Info: In principle, Boris Johnson should not be ousted tonight, but this no-confidence motion will further weaken him politically?

Dominic Grieve: yes. Unless he wins in an impressive manner with a few rebels against him. But I think he will have a lot of trouble staying in power in the coming weeks.

We remember Theresa May in 2018, who filed the same lawsuit against her and then resigned a few months later. Do you see the same scenario repeating itself?

I think it is very possible. Because even if he survives today, we’ll have by-elections in two phases in two weeks. They are being held by the Conservatives and either way I think the Conservatives are going to lose. This will add a degree of difficulty for him. In my opinion, you will not forget the story of “Partigate” and her behavior.

“Boris Johnson is now really creating a very negative force with voters. I don’t see why that would change.”

Dominic Greve, former deputy

in franceinfo

However, it appears that Boris Johnson has been in trouble since arriving at 10 Downing Street. And every time, right now, he gets out of it.

It often gets away with it but I think there comes a time when you just can’t get out of it anymore. Last week, Tory MPs returning to their constituencies during Queen Elizabeth II’s golden jubilee received ugly comments from their constituents about Boris Johnson. Besides, I think that’s why he’s now going through such difficulties and I don’t see why public opinion has changed his mind. In this case, members will have a very difficult choice. They can of course keep Johnson in Downing Street, but I think there is a growing certainty that if they do, the Conservatives will be beaten and humiliated in the general election due in 2024.

What might save Boris Johnson that the Conservatives are struggling to find a successor?

This is a clear. I also think they feel very divided and that Johnson’s presence somehow hides their divisions. This is another reason for their paralysis and their inability to act against it. So, you’re right on that point of view, it’s probably because of this reason Johnson will stay in Downing Street. But this should be very worrying for MPs because if they retain Johnson, they will have a big problem in the next election in 2024.

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