Ford Mustang GTD Carbon Series: The legend reinvents itself

Ford Mustang GTD Carbon Series: The legend reinvents itself

The Ford Mustang GTD is set to make a splash at this weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Featuring the exclusive Chroma Flame coating, this version of the Carbon Series promises to make an impression thanks to its many specific details and intimidating appearance.

Ford unveils its new Mustang GTD, and we can say that it is amazing! This version can be equipped with a performance package that includes magnesium rims, active aerodynamic elements and a new front end to improve agility and balance. In terms of weight, a significant reduction has been achieved by removing some of the sound-absorbing materials. Inside there are standard Recaro seats and a multi-function steering wheel. Onboard controls allow you to adjust suspension force, choose exhaust mode, and access real-time driving data.

The infotainment system displays specific welcome and departure messages on the touchscreen and the configurable digital instrument cluster. The latter adapts to six driving modes, with a new performance screen that places the speedometer and tachometer at the front. The exclusive Chroma Flame paint, in dark burgundy, is accented by unpainted carbon fiber elements on the hood and roof.

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