Ford dismissed science about COVID-19 and climate change and had no empathy – Reuters

Opinion polls show Steven Del Duca risks losing his constituency, while Doug Ford heads for a second majority, on May 30

There are two types of people who run for office: those who wish to improve government and those who wish to benefit from their term. Old promises, as Winston Churchill did, is a long and arduous road to a better world. Others, like Doug Ford, promise a “dollar for beer” they know they can’t deliver.

Doug Ford buys votes with taxpayer money. Reimbursing a pittance of car registration fees, for almost everyone in Ontario, while the province still has to pay for the car database and process refunds, certainly doesn’t make sense except to win votes from those who don’t.

(I refuse to cash this dirty check.)

Ford was a disastrous prime minister, unable to grasp expert information about the pandemic, refusing to accept the science of climate change and lack of empathy for those at the bottom of the financial food chain, while scrapping the minimum wage increase offered by the previous Liberal government.

Oh, but he promises to do it now. He is a changing man.

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