For the Pope, resignation is not on the agenda

For the Pope, resignation is not on the agenda

Pope Francis held a press conference about the plane returning from Canada. GUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE / AFP

Analysis – On the plane returning from Canada, François emphasized that “The door was openBut he said he did not consider the possibility.

It is customary for the pope to give a Onboard press conferenceupon his return from his travels. Dozens of questions were asked by the 70 international journalists accompanying him. The duration of the interview varies with flight time, from about ten minutes to more than an hour.

On his return from Canada, on Friday night to last Saturday, the question of resignation was brought to the Pope twice directly. A 45-second television clip, which was widely broadcast in France but cut off the quote, gave the impression that the Pope was announcing an imminent resignation.

But Francois, 85, specifically said this was not on the agenda. It has also continued since 2013 and as it has repeated twice in Spring 2022. The Anglo-Saxon and Italian press, who did not insist on the topic, did not cheat this weekend.

Indeed, Francis fixed response: Pope Benedict XVI opened a historical path …

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