For the Netherlands, “at the same time” is “running out” and “no one knows in which direction the country will go by 2027.”

For the Netherlands, “at the same time” is “running out” and “no one knows in which direction the country will go by 2027.”

Former President of the Republic François Hollande. Behrouz Mehri/AFP

In an interview with La Tribune newspaper, the former president of the republic ridicules the “central movement” embodied by his successor, who “ideologically does not correspond to anything.”

As July 14 approaches, a stone is thrown in Emmanuel Macron’s garden. And the sender is none other than his predecessor: François Hollande. In an interview with La Tribune newspaper broadcast on WednesdayThe former President of the Republic does not fail to denounce the political equation in which the country finds itself. And to highlight the lack of activity of the two old political formations, namely the Socialist Party and the Republicans, which formed and dominated political and electoral life until 2017.

Depending on Germany, whichStay on course“Despite the geopolitical crises, or the United Kingdom, which”still holding out“despite of”Big crisisLinked to Brexit, François Hollande regrets it in FranceNo one knows in which political direction the country will head in the next four years, and a fortiori beyond 2027.According to the former head of state, “What makes a nation strong is of course its economic performance, its commercial results, its financial independence, but above all its political stability.”

While the new split between European progressives and skeptics of European sovereignty has replaced the old confrontation between right and left and has dominated the political spectrum for six years, the date of Emmanuel Macron’s first election to a higher office, the former tenant of the Elysee considers that without returning to the prevailing political model of the year 2027, “We will find the pattern that we knew so well in two presidential elections.»«Who opposes the extreme right to a centrist movement that does not agree with anything on an ideological level and that has less and less force and dynamism in opinion. Criticism of Emmanuel Macron’s sloganAt the same time“, from “Running outFrançois Hollande is worried aboutGlass ceiling“from R.N. who”Cracked on all sides.”Republican parties, left and right, bear a historic responsibilityurges.

“With LFI as the main focus, it’s a rout forever”

As for the left revisited for a year with Nupes sauce, the person who was first secretary of the Rose Party between 1997 and 2008 hasn’t held back his blows either. “PS She has a destiny that she wants to provide for herself. If he is in trouble, it is not because he is judgmentalHe points to François Hollande. Which angers the whims of the inventory in its five-year period:To atone do not know what went wrong yesterday is useless.»

I regret that the Socialist Party often seeks to erase its history, its identity and its balance sheet, in the name of a union that it has for the time being abandoned as the main poleEx-President. Before giving his advice.He’s on his line (that of PS, editor’s note) That the left hopes to reach the second round of the presidential elections to win it. Not on those who divide rather than appease him“, Analyse. “With LFI as the main focus, it’s a beat-down forever.»

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