For the first time in Venice - Roger Faber

For the first time in Venice – Roger Faber

Denis Villeneuve won’t be the only Quebec native to release a movie with great fanfare at the Venice Film Festival in two weeks. Producer Roger Fraber will also visit the City of Dogs to present the drama as a world premiere. dog power, which he co-produced.

dog powerA Western film directed by the famous New Zealand director Jane Campion.piano Lesson), in competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival, which begins September 1st. The film adaptation of the novel by American writer Thomas Savage will premiere on September 2 with Jane Campion and movie stars, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons.

“It’s funny because the premiere of dog power yesterday Danube [de Denis Villeneuve]Roger Faber laughs. It will be the grand opening of Quebec! ”

Roger Knock (great seductionNS Jesus from Montreal) in Italy in the early days of the festival. The Quebec producer is pleased to finally be able to present a film at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, his first in more than 50 years of his career.

“I have only visited Venice once since the beginning of my career, ten years ago, when I was invited to the festival,” Faber said in a phone interview. magazine earlier this week.

“So this will be my first time going there to shoot one of my films. I get goosebumps before I even set foot!”

Following the example of the Cannes Film Festival last July, the organizers of the Venice Film Festival intend to present a “regular” version, that is, first-person, with the stars on the red carpet and spectators in the halls.

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Ten years of work

Filmed in 2020 in New Zealand with a budget of over $30 million, dog power The film tells the story of two brothers with opposing personalities who run the family farm in Montana in the 1930s. After its release in Venice, the film, distributed by Netflix, will be shown at film festivals in Toronto and London.

World premiere of the movie dog power (dog powerIt will be the result of ten years of work for Roger Faber. The producer acquired the editing rights to Thomas Savage’s novel nine years ago, after devouring it in one day.

A few years later, he received a call from Jane Campion’s agent, who told him that the director had fallen in love with the book. A meeting was arranged and Mr. Frapper soon realized that Campion was the perfect director to bring this story to the screen. He is more convinced today, having watched the movie several times.

“I am very happy with the end result,” he says. It is very rare in a product’s life that the initial vision for a project is what we find on screen ten years later. It is always a pleasure to keep learning. And I learned a lot from working with Jane Campion: her involvement, confidence, and sense of humor on her set, the way she works with the actors and the cinematography that goes into her film. He gave me a great movie lesson. “

dog power It will be presented in Venice on September 2 and at the Toronto Film Festival on September 9. The film will be released in theaters and on Netflix this fall.

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