For Christmas, the cause of Eastern Christians is not welcomed by Artie

For Christmas, the cause of Eastern Christians is not welcomed by Artie

The Franco-German channel categorically refuses to air the commercial “uvre d’Orient” to help Christians in the Holy Land.

L’Eastern work1901 non-profit association whose ad bid for the 2022 Christmas campaign on Aerials was “Crises in Lebanon, Armenia, Syria, Ethiopia and Ukraine have left thousands of families in abject poverty. Eastern Christians work in the service of everyone for reconstruction and in the areas of education and healthThe organization that has supported the Christians of the East since 1856 calls in the video clip for a donation.

if it was RATP and public service channels – France Televisions And the French radio – Radio advertisement, this is not the case for Arte channel. In order to alert the public, Œuvre d’Orient published a press release on December 23 with the headline “Eastern Christians are prohibited from advertising on the Aarti website for ChristmasThe Catholic action, which is recognized in France as in the whole Middle East, confirms that it does not want to do “from public controversy” And the “Sorry for the impossibility of dialogue and understandingby channel management.

According to the work of the East,Ironically, Arte resorts to its Franco-German specification to refuse to broadcast this spot and to cut off the voice of Christians in the East.“, Especially “Given the urgency of the needs of these populationsIn a comment posted on Twitter, he identified Artie.That decision is based on its international treaty stating that religious, political and philosophical societies are not authorized to sponsor on its antenna.“.

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