For adults, children and teens: André Werpin’s cultural space is designed for everyone in La Garde-Freinet

For adults, children and teens: André Werpin’s cultural space is designed for everyone in La Garde-Freinet

In an entirely digital age, it is comforting to witness the rise of a media library where the scent of opened books perfumes the reading spaces. Culture for Soul Cultivation has about 300 registered members already among regular readers.

In La Garde-Freinet, this opening had a more symbolic purpose with the name finally dedicated to this place: the André-Werpin space. “Dr. Werbin, As Mayor Thomas Dumbre noted, noting that Gardois was associated with this reference associated with the former mayor of the municipality for 31 years, between 1965 and 2008, during five terms in office. “Wherever I go, people always talk to me about it.”, comments on the one who follows in his footsteps as the defender of the Var Forest. And each of his obligations to the population during these decades.

Many places welcome different audiences who come to visit the media library: children, adults, as well as a corner for teenagers. N.S. Pictures.

The project was born in 2007

A project was born in 2007 in this central place of the village, initially planned to accommodate “housing, but we had a lot of trouble finding the owner.”.

The previous state had studied and launched this project in order to move the guild library from Du Pau square.become very tight.

Also, along with the current majority, the town councilors of Corchet, a handful of elected officials from the André Werbin era have discovered – for some – a cultural melting pot open to all.

Thanks in particular to its director in the office since October, Kathy Paris, who has endeavored to reveal the attractions of the structure, divided into several rooms conducive to reading, documenting or the hard work of students.

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One of these rooms is named after Anne Marie Saville, founder of the Gard Readers Society.

Another wink, the youth room is named after “Delphine Novo-Naressi”, a local celebrity who died early.

Anyone can come and register., recalls the manager, who notices an increase in attendance. “it’s free” For Gardois as well as for the residents of the surrounding areas.

It remains to hone the teen angle she’d like to attract more of to her media library: “We are preparing things for this audience.”

Much appreciation to Andre Verbin’s family: “We have been waiting for this honor for a long time, especially the place of culture.says his influential daughter Natalie, who also honored his wife, Giselle,woman in the shadows Basic.

project “key to our society. Whatever is more important It is divided into two parts,”also of a social nature aedile develops: “Part dedicated to the babysitter’s house. We did not have the means to set up a nursery. Thanks to these three people, this project can survive.”

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