RUGBY. Les ‘‘pires All Blacks de l’histoire’’ ? La Nouvelle-Zélande se réveille sous le choc

Football. “The worst of all blacks in history”? New Zealand wakes up in shock

This Sunday, July 17 in New Zealand, sandwiches struggle to be buttered, faces look jittery and the news is bad. for the first time since 1994, all black He loses the summer series against a European team. An extremely rare scenario referring to a thunderstorm in the Long White Cloud Land. When rugby is king, defeat is forbidden. Therefore, the country’s media and officials published accounts after the match. New Zealand rugby team boss Mark Robinson released an official statement on social media analyzing the situation. Announces:

Congratulations to the teamIreland for their well-deserved victory last night, but the performance of the All Blacks in the entire series has clearly been less than acceptable, compared to what they reflected. We all know there is an enormous amount of work to be done. Our focus is now on working with Ian (Foster) and his team to fully understand, prior to the rugby tournament, what is needed to improve performance and how to move forward. We will begin this work immediately.”

Brief video. Ireland defeats the All Blacks to win first place in the world
If the union confirms Ian Foster with this statement, it does not spare its world-famous choice. In the local media, the performance Sam Kan And his colleagues were not unanimous either. Certainly the most ferocious reaction was that of journalist Jimmy Wall, who described this training as “The worst of all blacks in historyAt the Sky Sports mic, the reaction was also quick. Commenting on these performances, legend Shaun Fitzpatrick acknowledges:Questions will be asked: Do they have the right coaches? Do they have the right coach? We’ve been upgraded, no doubt. The All Blacks used to worry about their peaking too early before world CupBut at least that’s no longer a problem. And when you consider the following facts, it’s hard to see how Foster can keep his job.After the match, New Zealand journalist Mark Hinton adds things : “A change of coach must now be considered. Keeping Ian Foster in place must be on the edge of the razor.

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