Football.  Stade Montois has found his future number 8

Football. Stade Montois has found his future number 8

This is Samuel Slade, the former New Zealand international at the age of 20. He is expected in the Landes in October

It was the missing link in Mons’s recruitment. After long searches in the Southern Hemisphere, Club Landes, 10th in the last Pro D2 season, has finally found the third midfield to come to complement their workforce. This is Samuel Slade (1.93 m; 118 kg), who is currently playing for Manukau County, in the New Zealand Provincial Championship, shortly after the American Championships at the beginning of the year 2020.

The 23-year-old has a solid resume, including his successful participation in the U-20 World Cup with New Zealand in 2017. He is also eligible to play for Samoa and just celebrated his first international selection last week against the Maori All Blacks.

He was the second-tier holder during this match, but he will come to Landes to play at number 8, which corresponds to the profile that the staff is seeking, a strong player but also able to guarantee a link between the strikers and the trio from a technical point of view. quarters.

Note that he won’t make it to Landes until the end of October, after the New Zealand Championships are over.

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