Football.  Florian Grill protests the threats: “Young referees have stopped their training”

Football. Florian Grill protests the threats: “Young referees have stopped their training”

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Florian Grill Expressed his concern about Arbitration case In rugby. The President of the French Federation of Rugby (FFR) denounced the reactions to the decisions of some referees on social media during the 2023 Rugby World Cup, in an interview with Channel RMC Sport.

Florian Grill is concerned about rugby refereeing in France

He particularly pointed out Insults And for to threaten And the referee was his victim Ben O’Keefe After the quarter-finals of the fifteenth French Championship against South Africa. with Harmful consequences For the daily life of French rugby, outside the professional world.

He added: “We have 2,700 referees in France, and we need 3,300 referees to cover the matches. After the very harsh comments that were published on social media towards the referees, We have young referees who have stopped training“, points out Florian Grill to our colleagues at RMC Sport.

“A match that is not refereed means losing the licensees. For me, my responsibility does not lie only with the French or international teams, but with all our teams including regional rugby where we need referees and we need to promote them.”

Florian GrillPresident of the French Rugby Federation

Even the French rugby leader insists on the difficulties of the referee’s role. “I urge all people who have an opinion on refereeing to go on the pitch and imagine themselves among the 30 players who have to officiate the match. Respect is a key sign in rugby. “The referee is fallible, just like the player,” jokes Florian Grill.

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There is no reason to complain against Ben O’Keefe

During the press conference after the quarter-final loss, Antoine Dupont criticized some of referee Ben O’Keefe’s decisions. But the FFR president wants to explain this reaction:

“You have to understand the bitterness and tension after four years of work and determination, especially in the special context of Antoine who was injured, who is coming back, and who is fighting to be present in this match. I understand all of that.” “I don’t have a problem with that. But I think Fabian had the right attitude by refocusing things a little bit.”

Florian Grill President of the French Rugby Federation

After the quarter-finals, the FFR sent a report to World Rugby about New Zealand’s refereeing during the France-South Africa match. A gesture from the French authority to “progress” and not launch complaints procedures under any circumstances.

Moreover, on this subject, Florian Grill couldn’t be clearer. He added: “The French team staff told me that there was no reason to complain after the match. There was no reason to complain. A rematch would not have been possible anyway. “We have to focus on what is useful for the future,” says the FFR president.

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Fabien Galthier faces the press

The construction of the future will begin on Wednesday 8 November 2023 with a press conference by Fabien Galthie.

The France coach must return to the 2023 World Cup finals before looking to the new horizon for the Blues, which begins with the 2024 6 Nations tournament.

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