Football: Caledonians see their dream of the World Cup lost |

Football: Caledonians see their dream of the World Cup lost |

And in the same Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium (in Doha), which witnessed a surprise for the Caledonians on Saturday morning against the Fijians (2-1), the choice of Kago lost 1-0 three days later, on Tuesday morning, against Papua.

The only goal in the match was scored in the 8And the A minute of play, by Tommy Simi, who eliminated Jean-Bresse and Adriaco before scoring with a right-footed cross shot at the entrance to the area, as Emile Pironi deflected the ball slightly.

Later, a red card appeared at the end of the match (87And theCaledonian defender Jean-Luc DiQuire

In contrast to the first match, the presence of Cesar Ziola as playmaker and George Job-Fenby in attack, would not be enough, as Papuan’s defense showed resistance.

Defeat is synonymous with exclusion

With two defeats in two matches, El Kagwe was no longer selected among the top two in Group B. Qualification for the semi-finals was no longer possible.

The result: the 2022 World Cup, the end of the year in Qatar, will be held without Caledonia, which dreams of the first participation in the planetary competition.

The owners of Caledonia were the following against the Papists: Mikael Ulliel (goalkeeper), Jean-Brice Wadriacou, Emile Perrone (hat), Pierre Coma, Jean-Luc Déquaré, Joseph Athali, Joris Quinon (Cedric Sansot, 78)And the), Cesar Ziola (Richard Sealy, 64And theMorgan Mathlon (German Howegen 78 .)And the), Jordan Wittria (Bertrand Kay, 70And the), George Job Fennipeg. Coach: Dominic Wakali (Assistant: Pierre Wajoka).

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The third and final Caledonian match in this tournament will be held in Doha on Friday (4 am) against the New Zealand candidates to qualify and advance to Group B after two wins: the first Saturday against Papua (1-0). And the second on Tuesday against the Fijians (4-0).

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