Football: African women seize their chances |  DW Sports |  DW

Football: African women seize their chances | DW Sports | DW

Solange Tyrah-Lee de Haas made her marketing debut at the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand. The Rwandan New Zealander then rose through the ranks to lead the CAF Security and Safety Unit during the 2018 African Nations Championship in Morocco.

Solange Tyrah-Lee de Haas believes that she was on this occasion the object of contempt despite her high position: “Sometimes we are in a situation where men don’t expect a woman to lead them, tell them what to do“, She said”.I remember that in 2018 when I was leading a security team in Agadir, it was difficult. I was the only black woman among Arab men. ‘, she witnessed.

Salima Mukansanga during the Mali-Zimbabwe period (African Cup of Nations 2021)

Women’s solidarity in the face of obstacles

Seeing that these men did not want to be led by a woman, Solange realized that the solution would be through women. They must strive to integrate areas of decision-making, both in sports and in other areas of life. Above all, they should help each other: “A woman should support another woman. Not only in sports, but we can also suggest a woman for other jobs, if we know her talents‘You allowed it.

The situation is slowly but surely improving

But the situation is gradually improving in Africa. At the recent World Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Rwandan referee Salima Mukansanga became the first woman to officiate a men’s soccer match in the 65-year history of the African Cup of Nations. In South Africa, too, women’s football is starting to take hold. Women are increasingly participating in decision-making bodies thanks in particular to the commitment of the South African Football Confederation.

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