RUGBY. 6 Nations. Selon Jacques du Plessis, ''la France a de la chance d’avoir Paul Willemse''

Football. 6 countries. According to Jacques de Plessis, ‘France is lucky to have Paul Willems’

Can you speak French please? A symbol of his return to South Africa, Jacques de Plessis prefers to express himself in his mother tongue rather than in Antoine Dupont’s. The second line, however, does not reject any questions for fifteen minutes. He just picked up his son from school. Family is exactly the reason for his return home. ” Covid-19 played a lot! I couldn’t see my family for a long time. You are alone in France and you do not always have many people to support you. Except for your wife and son If he was happy today, he reveals, choosing to come home wasn’t easy: I am very happy to be back in South Africa. I stayed in France for a long time in Montpellier. I love the club, the city. It was a great experience for me to play in the top 14 tournaments, and it’s a very tough tournament. I spent six years there and missed my country and my family. Coming back was the hardest decision he made. »

The 28-year-old is back at his coaching club, the Blue Bulls. With Pretoria, he won the Korean Cup on September 11th against the Sharks (44-10). He quickly regained his directions. Although something has changed since he left in 2015.” The biggest difference is that when I left the Bulls, I was younger, and now I’m one of the oldest, He laughs. But there is always a culture of hard work. »

The top 14 isn’t 100m, it’s a marathon »

At 22, Jacques de Plessis chose to score in Montpellier being coached by fellow countryman Jake White. A time when the club was fond of strong players and above all South Africa. ” It was a little weird at first because I think I was a bit young, He confessed. It is not uncommon to sign abroad in such a small format. The person I am today, the things I’ve learned from life, everything I’ve seen, this new culture and these new experiences that I came to France to play for Montpellier, I’m not going to change for the world. I was happy, especially in Montpellier. Honestly, it was the right choice at the time, especially coming to France to play in a tough competition like the Top 14. »

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If he had to adjust to a new life, he encountered another rugby in France. “ I think rugby in France is different. In South Africa, you have a very strict game plan. In France, it is more open and you can no longer express your qualities. So I think the skills are more developed in France, like passing through after calling. It allows us to try not to always stick to the same game plan. You bring your goodness to the team. You are trying to do this to the congregation in France. I think rugby is very different from where you are. If you have to go play in France, you should know that there is a very long season. The top 14 isn’t 100m, it’s a marathon It extends to the homeland of Pongola, a village in the east of the country, near the border with Swaziland.

He also had to adjust to a new tournament. At the time, the South African franchisees participated in Super Rugby against Australians and New Zealanders. “ Super Rugby is faster, even if it’s in France as well. I think I learned a lot in the scrotum and the touches and jumps in the top 14. »

Too many foreign players in MHR

In six seasons in a cistus shirt, Jacques du Plessis (27) won the Challenge Cup twice (2016 and 2021). However, the French champion title was only one of the goals of Mohamed El Trad Club for several years. The player who played 105 matches in blue and white was a member of the Herault club. So what did MHR miss to raise the shield? ” It’s a good questionhe answers. I think MHR has had good seasons in the last six or seven years with finals, semi-finals and playoffs but lost. We were good in the Challenge Cup. It’s a sign that we’ve been consistent. The culture of winning comes with time, especially if you keep the same group of players for several years and consistency comes in. »Champions Cup - played by Jacques de Plessis in Vahamahaina against Gloucester [Vidéo]Champions Cup – played by Jacques de Plessis in Vahamahaina against Gloucester [Vidéo]He points to the club’s strategy: Every year you have a new team, new players and a new philosophy. For me, it’s a sign that Montpellier struggled during my period. We can’t be consistent with many rugby cultures. I think sticking to the same players and the same philosophy allows you to be consistent. »

Regularity is a word that can characterize Montpellier 2022, unbeaten for 10 consecutive league matches, between October 23 and March 5. He already tested the team’s recovery last year following the arrival of Philippe Saint-Andre during the season. For someone nicknamed “Bull,” referring to his long blond hair and overgrown muscles, the resurgence of MHR in shape isn’t just due to PSA. Goes back to what he said earlier. ” I think the entire recruitment system, the entire system has changed, even if Philip Saint Andre has a huge impactcontinued. When I got to Montpellier, we were a lot of foreigners and there weren’t many French people on the team. Now there are better French players and fewer foreigners. For me, that’s why Montpellier has advanced. »

“France is lucky to have Paul Willems”

In Montpellier, Jacques de Plessis regularly formed a strong second-line team with Paul Willemsey. South Africans met in Bulls before meeting in Occitanie. If the two players are close to the cage, they are also close in life. Therefore, he is now watching with special eyes the matches of the France team, where his friend has become a key player. “ I’m so happy Paul, he’s one of my best friends! He has always been a very good player. In South Africa, he wasn’t called up to play for the Springboks so he made the best decision of his life to come to Montpellier. Look, now he’s playing for France! He’s a great person and a great player. France is lucky to have a strong player like him says excitedly.Football.  6 countries.  Willemsi, Dante, impressed the press, and established themselves in the record teamFootball. 6 countries. Willemsi, Dante, impressed the press, and established themselves in the record teamThe fifteenth of France, Jacques de Plessis could have claimed it too. Fabian Galthey met the player at the end of 2019, right after he took office. He was unable to form a French-South African team in the second line with Paul Willemsey for administrative rather than sporting reasons. In 2013, the former Montpellier player played in the FIFA U-20 World Cup with the South Africa national team. However, his country and France considered the U-20 team to be the second national team. Here he can not play with blue, white and red. However, wait, he can still hope to get the France team. If he applies for a French passport, he may be eligible to enter France in the Rugby Sevens because it is an Olympic discipline. He would then become a selectable to France’s 15th, across the seven, but for that he had to play an Olympic qualifying round, a sine qua non to be called up to the 15th.6 countries.  France.  6 countries. France. ‘The whole body is special’: Paul Williams swept away after the stratospheric match When I was in France it was difficult because I couldn’t play for France. I don’t know why, but it is. » If he fails to see him develop with the tricolor, he can always claim to discover the international level with his home country. ” I dreamed of playing with Springboks and I still hope to be chosen with Springboks “It slips. But that is no longer a priority.” Many things have changed in my life, things are more important to me than rugby. I have a wife, and I have a girl coming up. It’s no longer the number one priority for me. I benefited from those moments. I had Achilles tendon surgery for the second time. Now all I can think of is to go back and play the best rugby game! »

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