Following leaks, Civilization VII was revealed at Summer Game Fest

Following leaks, Civilization VII was revealed at Summer Game Fest

Eight years after Episode 6, which was well-received by the community of passionate players, Sid Meier's Civilization VII It is preparing for its simultaneous arrival on consoles and PC. The title has just been made official on the occasion of Opening ceremony of the 2024 Summer Games Festival. Unfortunately for Firaxis and 2K, the information had already been leaked to the web earlier today after a banner appeared on the publisher's website.

With the exception of an epic cutscene and a speech from the game's creator thanking fans for their support over the years, nothing new has been announced Civilization He was somewhat reserved. We'll have to wait until the end of the summer before we get our first look at the title properly. Firaxis will meet with us for a more detailed gameplay demo next August. The exact date has not been shared yet, but it won't be long. Right now, players are being given the perfect opportunity to (re)discover the series' past with massive promotions on Steam.

Civilization VI in its entirety for pennies

With the announcement of this new work, accessing the license has never been easier on PC. In line time, Civilization VI Take advantage of -95% off the Valve Store. So the base game is marketed at just €2.99 compared to €59.99 normally.

Better yet, the Platinum and Anthology editions, normally retailing at €167.91 and €209.85 respectively, are now priced at €14.76 and €24.15. These unbeatable promotions will be available until June 21st. So you won't have to wait to take advantage of it.

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Different but equally beneficial promotions are also offered on other platforms and services where Civilization VI Available for sale. However, Epic Games Store users are less fortunate with the basic version that costs €5.99. However, it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity, regardless of your preferred platform.

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