Follow science lectures at home: Kreis-VHS Westerwald and VHS Montabaur invites you

Follow science lectures at home: Kreis-VHS Westerwald and VHS Montabaur invites you

News from 12/2/2021 is the name of the National Digital Science Program for Adult Education Centers, which promises high-quality lectures by experts in the fields of science, society and politics.

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Montapur. Access to this program for the citizens of the region is an important concern of Alexandra Cheschi (Director of KVHS Westerwald) and Caroline Albert Wall (Director of the Adult Education Center at VG Montabaur). They are pleased that the collaboration has been successful and see the project as a great opportunity to introduce digital formats on a large scale in Lower Westerwald. The offer differs from many others that can currently be found online: the show is free for our participants, the lectures are at a university level, yet the content is clearly communicated. Caroline Albert Wall says there’s also a chat function for inquiries. This is the added value of this format at vhs. works with reputed institutions such as the Max Planck Institute, the German Academy of Technical Sciences and Sddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). In the first half of 2021, Montabaur Community Community College and Westerwaldkreis Community College can offer participants around twenty free lectures as a livestream on their computers.

Here are two examples: On February 23 at 7.30pm, journalists from SZ Alexander Gorko and Laura Hurtter addressed the issue of closed theaters, empty theaters, and what is left of the culture after Corona? On a current social and political issue that is bothering a lot of people right now. Harvard University professor Stephen Pinker will speak on May 26, 2021 from 7.30pm on his latest work, Enlightenment Now, in which he suggests, contrary to popular belief, that our lives in the twenty-first century will not drown in chaos, hatred, and irrationality, but rather. Taller, healthier, safer, richer, happier and more peaceful.

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The information and the entire program are available online at Registrations are now possible at the District Adult Education Center via email to [email protected] or 02602 / 124-420 and the Montabaur Adult Education Center at [email protected] or phone: 02602 / 126-321. (evening)

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