Flash Gordon: The Taika Waititi movie will be in live action

Flash Gordon: The Taika Waititi movie will be in live action

Akira’s adaptation project isn’t entirely certain but Taika Waititi has other work on fire. His new animated version of Flash Gordon was supposed to be the last I heard from him. However, a feature film in real shots awaits us.

Flash Gordon: Old Character

A cult character was invented in the comics in the 1930s, and Flash Gordon has been waiting a while for his new adaptation. A feature film project in Hollywood, with several directors following each other to take over. This at the end of the day, Taika Waititi who will be charged. The New Zealand idiot seems to be in a good position to do such a thing. For this occasion, the script will not be reinvented. It will always be about Flash Gordon and his friends Dale Arden and Hans Zarkov, as they fight against Emperor Ming and his minions on the planet Mongo. Various modifications have already appeared, both in cinema and on television.

The news, developed by Taika Waititi, was originally announced in the animation. But the project took a different turn, according to producer John Davis. in home collider, reveals that we will have Feature film in live action. A more ambitious approach, which was proposed by the manager after starting work on the project. The promise is stronger, but the risk is proportional.

Flash Gordon © AMLF

One of Taika Waititi’s many projects

We don’t know the date of the movie yet Flash Gordon It may hit theaters. Taika Waititi is a very busy guy, and he just finished Thor: Love and Thunder And it is he who has to deal with a large part of the Star Wars movie in which he was involved. He recently made news of this mysterious project by revealing that the script had yet to be written. To see if he will take care of her first or if Flash Gordon will be the priority.

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On the Lucasfilm side, the next Star Wars licensing path is Rogue Squadron It is expected in the year 2023. The next movie will be this movie by Taika Waititi and it should take a hidden place In December 2025. This leaves plenty of room for Flash Gordon to get his new adaptation. Also note that the manager should always go out Next goal win, the soccer movie he already completed months ago. for Akira, it is increasingly difficult to believe that the project will be able to see the light of day …

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