Fires - the front "several kilometers" threatens north of Athens

Fires – the front “several kilometers” threatens north of Athens

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“The fire is uncontrollable,” Yiannis Kalavatilis, mayor of Dionysos, one of the areas affected by the Greece fire, which broke out on Tuesday morning, July 27 this morning at the foot of Mount Penteli in the suburbs, told Sky Radio. north of Athens.

Greek public television has boycotted its programming to broadcast a warning bulletin indicating the municipalities affected by the ongoing terrible fire.

#Update Firefighters and local authorities said an out-of-control fire burned forests at the base of Mount Penteli north of Athens on Tuesday, threatening surrounding suburbs.

ud83d udcf8 A plane sprays water to put out a massive fire in the outskirts of Athens in May 2021

– Agence France-Presse (AFP) 27 July 2021

Located at the foot of Mount Bentley, these municipalities are regularly affected in summer by wildfires.
The front extends “several kilometres,” Bentelli mayor Dmitra Kehaya told Skash radio.
Authorities quickly sent out alert messages on mobile phones to warn residents of the area that they are prepared to follow instructions in the event of an evacuation. Local media reported that few residents had actually left their homes.

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