Fires that destroyed at least 500 homes in Colorado were ravaged by snow

Fires that destroyed at least 500 homes in Colorado were ravaged by snow

The fires that destroyed “Blink of an eye” Entire neighborhoods in the US state of Colorado were mostly extinguished during the night of Friday, December 31 to Saturday, January 1, as heavy snowfall choked recent embers.

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Smoke burned in at least 500 homes and tens of thousands had to flee, but no deaths were reported so far. “Miracle” According to that state’s governor, Jared Polis. The damage is no less visible: in the aerial photos, entire streets are little more than piles of fly ash.

Great flames tore through the sky, driven by strong winds of up to 160 km/h Thursday. The fire was reportedly caused by power lines falling on barren soil.

A man in Superior, Colorado, after a fire and snowfall on December 31, 2021 (THOMAS PEIPERT/AP)

Like much of the American West, already arid Colorado experienced an exceptional drought for several years. With global warming, the intensity and frequency of droughts and heat waves are likely to increase, continuing to create ideal conditions for wildfires or bushfires. In recent years, this part of the United States has experienced unprecedented fires, particularly in California and Oregon.

In an appeal with Governor Polis, President Joe Biden promised to do so “Everything will be done to provide immediate assistance to the affected people and population.”According to the White House. He ordered the payment of federal aid to Colorado.

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